Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases

It is persistent and long lasting in its effects and which limits daily activities of routine life. Homoeopathy believes in the miasmatic theory of chronic diseases.

Three miasms are psora, syphilis , Sycosis. Medicines are selected according to underlying miasm of the disease.

Mostly chronic illness are life style diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Many lung diseases ,  Depression, Kidney diseases etc.

Approach in chronic cases:

We take complete history of the patient which includes personal history , family history, previous medical treatment history , his/her lifestyle , desire/aversions , thermals , mental make up of the patient.


Medicine is selected according to the signs and symptoms of the patient. Diet and regimen is planned according to the disease.

Changes are advised to correct the faulty lifestyle.

Counselling interventions in order to help individuals suffering from depression and to help patients with chronic conditions so that they deal effectively with adjustments to illness.