Immunological Disorders and Homeopathy For Children

Immunological Disorders and Homeopathy For Children

Immunological Disorders

These diseases are chronic in nature and mostly they are life threatening.

Their incidence is on the rise. According to a study more than 25 million people in United States suffer from autoimmune disorders.

Condition of the patient slowly start deteriorating and they loose capacity of self healing.

They solely dependent upon Immunosuppresants drugs , steroids. These drugs weakens the immune system , and body becomes less resistant to infection.

In Homoeopathy it is seen that well selected medicines has worked wonders in celiac disease , Graves disease , Myasthenia gravis , Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple  sclerosis , Psoriasis etc.

In my last 12 years of practice many such cases under my treatment has improved remarkably.

Homeopathy For Children

Homeopathy is the best choice for your child’s health. it is very safe and effective and easy to administer even in infants.

it has great results in n variety of children ailments like teething troubles, delayed milestones , colic, constipation , Bronchitis , asthma , Tonsilltis , bed wetting , allergies , diarrhoea , behavioral disorders.

it has also shown a great result in autistic children , ADHD and variety of phobias. Homoeopath gives importance to each symptom and complaint that your child is suffering from and takes info consideration the causation of each symptom or set of symptoms.

Homeopathy helps in boosting the mental and physical growth of the child.


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