A Case of Chronic Gastritis along with Palpitations

I first visited the clinic in march 2019. i was very worried about my heart burn as it leads to violent palpitations at night.

i was spending many sleepless nights and feels lifeless. after counselling and taking continue medicine for almost 6 months i have been completely relieved.

both the doctors are very supportive and attentive. they listen there patients very calmly and always available for their patients.

I always recommend them to my near and dear ones.

Lastly i have to say that it was my first experience of homoeopathic medicine and it is a life changing experience.

I heave tried many antacids , anti anxiety medicine before but they seems to be habit forming drugs. Lots of thanks to Jasreen Homoeopathic Clinic.

RA Factor and ESR

Homoeopaths prescribe ready made products or numbers.

I was looking for proper homoeo treatment so my will to find classical homoeopath turned fruitful after visiting Jasreen Homoeo clinic.

They were recommended to me by our relative whose son is taking treatment of kidney stones which are successfully treated.

I am a teacher at tuition centre it was very difficult for me to travel to my centre during painful attacks of RA.

My RA factor and ESR was always on higher side. Before my visit it was around 370. After starting treatment it comes around 30 and symptoms are almost gone.

Their approach is very Friendly they always answer my queries regarding disease . I am very thankful to them.



Village :- Gaznipur


A Case of cold induced Asthma in a 14 year old

A family friend advised us to take a homoeopathic treatment for a long standing ailment of breathlessness and wheezing whenever winter sets in.

So they recommend Jasreen Homoeopathic Clinic to us.My IGE levels and ESR were always on the higher side.

When we first visited the clinic it was a very unique experience. He is not like other conventional doctors.

His approach is very gentle and calm. They take complete history of the patient and assure them that it will be alright soon.

The thing which was very annoying for me that I always have to wear a cap on my head even during the school time.

All other classmates were without any caps. But it was compulsion for me as whenever I forget to wear a cap and exposed to a cold air it triggers the asthmatic attacks.

My joints were also get swollen and painful during the attacks. I have dependent bupon inhalers and steroids.

But after starting homoeopathic treatment I slowly got rid of all the dependent medicines band inhalers .

Now it has been 2 years since I haveĀ  taken any drug. Getting a treatment from them is like a smooth sailing . Writing a testimonial about them is a pleasure.

Thanks a lot sir

Simrat sodhi


A case of Chronic Constipation and Knee Pain in a 70 year old lady.

As a family of teachers we always believe in homoeopathy.

So before visiting Jasreen Homoeopathic Clinic we have taken homoeo treatment from many physicians but without much relief.

As Dr. Gurbir is a very good friend of my nephew so he recommended him to us.

After meeting him we found him very compassionate and dedicated homoeopath.

After taking complete history of my long standing disease he prescribed us some medicines and also dietary restrictions.

For knees he suggests some exercises which works wonderfully well.

In the bad times of Corona virus when there was many travel restrictions he himself delivered medicines to my home, such a dedicated and humble man. I always recommend him to my friends and other relatives.

May God bless him with all the success to serve humanity.


Gurmej kaur

Ranjit Bagh.


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